Your partner in Intelligent Asset Management
Maverick IQ integrates engineering, software and IoT solutions to reduce your operations and maintenance costs, and drive productivity
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Leveraging automation and remote operations
Technology-enabled safety and productivity—that’s the critical differentiator. Achieve employee safety and operational flexibility by enabling employees to operate and diagnose equipment remotely
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Making transformation simple
Maverick IQ becomes your trusted partner in digitizing your organization’s operating model, assets, and processes—and enabling a smooth transformation by building on what you have instead of starting from scratch
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Realizing practical solutions to complex problems
We provide you with easy-to-use technologies incorporating AI, machine learning, automation and robotics—all developed by subject matter experts with real-world operating experience
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Outcomes & Benefits

Reduce O&M Costs

Intelligently manage O&M cost with technological insights that enable you to optimize for cost, maintain reliability, and choose the smartest alternatives when needed.

Operational Flexibility

Automation and remote operations allow you to control assets from anywhere, anytime. Enhanced responsiveness enables you to anticipate issues before they happen.

Increase Productivity

Backed by smart technologies, your teams can work faster and spend more time focusing on what’s most important - serving your customers.

Actionable Insights

Digitized asset management gives you instant access to valuable operational data that yields new insights, helping you make the right decisions at the right time.

Streamlined Operations

Work smarter with all of the relevant data centralized in an easy-to-use dashboard, and eliminate the reliance on cumbersome paper-based records that are prone to damage and loss.

Improved Efficiency & Performance

Increase the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment by operating it only when truly needed, at exactly the right load.

Why Maverick IQ ?

Our experienced team of subject matter experts gives SMBs access to the technological solutions they need to work efficiently and effectively in today’s environment. Regardless of where you’re starting from, you gain the right balance of safety, engineering, reliability, performance, and total lifecycle management to ensure a long-term, scalable solution for your digitized asset management.

Comprehensive Engineering Solutions

Our suite of engineering solutions and services are tailored to provide complete coverage of your site. We help you gain proactive insights quickly, so you can identify issues before they happen.

Cost - Effective Approach

Our creative solutions are agnostic to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). We leverage the strength of different suppliers and technologies to yield the best possible outcome to you so you don't have to buy new Hardware.

Leveraging of Existing Technology

We specialize in end-to-end integration of your existing business assets, so you can gain meaningful insights from your data wherever you are in your digitization journey.

What We Do

We meet you, Where you are

Maverick IQ meets you at any stage of your digital transformation – whether you’re already monitoring your assets or you’re buried in paper processes.

We make digital transformation accessible to businesses of all sizes. Our outcome-based solutions quickly provide you with a customized dashboard displaying the status and projections of all your critical assets, so you can make informed decisions and keep your operation running smoothly. Choose from our standard applications designed to drive customer outcomes, or request a custom application tailor-made for your business based on your unique requirements.

How it works

Capability analysis, build digital twins, Integration, monitor and optimize

We perform an assessment of your equipment’s capability, build digital twins of your assets, and integrate existing systems into our software. If needed, we will augment your systems with sensor and control systems to ensure that we yield maximum results.

System Integration

We start by getting information about your assets to build their digital twins. Your assets are then connected to our cloud-based application and integrated with other IoT devices as needed.

Data Linking

We don’t just digitize paper reports and analog data. We go a step further and intelligently link your data—including your work orders, purchase orders, inventory, orders, receiving and more—enabling speedy, efficient operations management and reduced costs.


Our solution grows as you grow. Instead of partial digital transformation that often leads to suboptimization, our cloud-hosted, vendor-agnostic solution adapts to any infrastructure choices you make—now or in the future—without imposing any specific vendor restrictions. We’re here to be your partner for the long haul.

Explore our Offerings

Cutting Edge Technologies at your Finger Tips

Optimize Maintenance Schedules

Manage every asset with a maintenance schedule that’s optimized for safety, cost and reliability.

Automation and Remote Operations

Safely operate your digitally enabled, automated systems from any location, at any time.

Failure Detection

Track asset failure on monitored units with email/SMS alerts enabling speedy asset recovery.

Operational Reliability

Easily track asset reliability and make informed decisions that optimize operations.

Digitized Asset Insights

Access critical asset information—including manuals, maintenance information and more—for all locations through a centralized, easy-to-use dashboard.

Inventory Optimization

Order only the parts you need and maximize the use of parts you have across locations. Keep operations running smoothly with predicted maintenance events.

Our testimonials

What People say

"The Chastain Park Athletic Club thanks Maverick IQ for a great job of integrating our mechanical and electronic controller assets, while capturing data and creating a digitized asset knowledge base, as well as facilitating remote access for technical analysis and operational control."
J.H. King
Chairman and President
"Maverick IQ's IIOT solution to track our medical equipment health helped us move from reacting to a device failure to proactively monitoring and alerting our staff members if there’s a problem thereby saving us costly reruns in our lab."
Dr. Hima Challa, M.D, FACP
Co-Founder & Director