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Who we are

Realistic Solutions Driven by
Industrial Expertise

Maverick IQ  was founded in 2019 by a group of engineering, financial, and business experts in the industrial sector who are, among other things, realists. We identified a gap in the market that was leaving small- and medium-sized businesses with limited options when it came to intelligent asset management. We bring big solutions down to size.

Why Choose us?

Better Insights. Healthier Assets. Optimized Operations

Our outcome-based solutions focus on practical and measurable results. Most problems do not take years of data to understand. Our data-driven solutions can be implemented immediately to quickly yield measurable results. Speed and quality are our signature.

Maverick IQ also offers managed services that support our clients throughout their entire digital journey. Whatever type of building you manage – and regardless of whether or not you’re already monitoring your assets – it’s crucial that your critical assets function properly at all times. With Maverick IQ, you can quickly gain actionable insights that decrease operating costs, reduce unplanned downtime, and optimize parts inventory across sites.

Our Team

Our Founding Team

Kelly McGinnis

Kelly is a finance executive focusing on the industrial sector, specializing in services businesses. She brings a long track record of successfully driving operational productivity and business outcomes. Prior to founding Maverick IQ, Kelly was a CFO of two digital businesses. She holds a B.Sc. in Entrepreneurship from Babson College.

Dalero Berkeley

Dalero brings years of experience in product development and organizational leadership, with demonstrated expertise in providing innovative solutions that drive revenue growth and productivity. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the industrial industry, where he has led businesses to productivity and revenue growth. Dalero holds a B.Sc. in Material Science & Engineering from MIT, and an M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University.

Praveen Uppaluri

Praveen is a proven engineering leader with deep expertise in identifying equipment failure modes, reducing unplanned downtime, and driving productivity and financial improvement. With global experience managing teams of over 100 people, he has generated over $1.1 billion in engineering productivity for services businesses. Praveen holds a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering, as well as master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering.