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Property Management

Maverick IQ’s solutions for property managers enable them to efficiently manage any number of properties using an automated, comprehensive suite of tracking and optimization tools. Our portfolio feature digitizes each property, featuring data on every digitized asset, as well as information on records, property security, customer satisfaction, maintenance schedules and more.

Maverick IQ also equips property managers with Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedules for each unit, incorporating maintenance events records, rental records, inspection, billing, Purchase Order, Work Order and warranty reports and more. Our solutions enable rental agents to check on all the properties of the portfolio from any location, and remotely adjust operation parameters including room temperatures, open doors, alarms and more.


Automation has revolutionized the manufacturing industry with robotics, autonomous vehicles, digital enterprise solutions and smart assembly lines. Proper preventive maintenance (PM) of facilities and equipment is vital to eliminate unexpected breakdowns. Our application extends equipment lifespans through intelligently monitored and scheduled activities including lubrication, cleaning, adjusting, and part replacements.

Our automation and remote operations solutions boost manufacturing productivity – and improve your bottom line through minimized operation and maintenance costs. Our software factors insights from central O&M cost drivers (including maintenance personnel, administrative expenses, investments in maintenance equipment and more) – as well as indirect costs from idle man and machine hours, poor quality, missed delivery commitments and more – to help you drive cost savings.


Warehouse operations typically involve a wide variety of activities, including building maintenance, inventory management, fleet management, collaboration with external fleets and partner warehouses, and more. There are a number of ways Maverick IQ helps warehouses improve their operations, including:

  • Facilitating the digitization, integration and optimization of operations for each location through the creation of a portfolio of facilities
  • Reducing paperwork and repetitive data entry tasks by linking systems including Work Order, Purchase Order, Inventory and maintenance events
  • Automating, intelligent tracking and management of everything from your inventory to your assets and fleets
  • Improving employee safety by minimizing risks (such as lift hazards and chemical contact) through robotics and remote operations
  • Improving efficiency and reducing O&M costs through intelligent automation and remote operations.
  • Athletic Centers

    Athletic centers are now adapting to the new digital era at a rapid pace. These centers have various opportunities for increased IoT, remote operations, automation and cost reductions Maverick IQ enables athletic centers to achieve a digitized network of assets including those associated with the pool, gym, restaurant, office, etc. Analysis of these assets yields substantial productivity improvements through optimized maintenance and inventory schedules. Automation and remote operations enhance operational flexibility and safety, intelligently automating key responsibilities such as keeping the pH and Cl levels within the required ranges while also enabling operators to remotely perform key activities.

    Integrating key subsystems such as work orders, purchase orders, inventory, outages, warranty tracking and renewals ensures outage preparedness, while minimizing inventory, enabling full utilization of parts, and minimizing the risk of unscheduled outages. 


    The healthcare industry has been one of the quickest to adopt the Internet of Things. Integrating IoT features into medical devices greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of service, bringing especially high value for the elderly, patients with chronic conditions, and those requiring constant supervision. Healthcare IoT solutions now set the stage for highly personalized, accessible, and on-time healthcare services.

    With the adoption of smart IoT medical devices, healthcare providers must be equipped to orchestrate their new technologies, leverage data analytics, digitize workflows, and connect various parties in their IoT ecosystems. To this end, Maverick IQ provides future-proof technological solutions enabling healthcare businesses to face current and future challenges surrounding the integration of IoT devices.


    Like any medical facility, veterinarian clinics are equipped with medical equipment and assets that must be properly maintained. Maverick IQ’s solutions for veterinary clinics include an array of sensors that alert users of any asset performance issues. Our sensors can measure current, voltage, vibration, temperature, humidity, emissions, UV, anemometer, IR, force and more. Additionally, we can conduct prognostics and suggest the necessary spare parts to achieve a quick return to service on critical equipment.

    Veterinary clinics where animals stay overnight also benefit from automation technologies that assist with climate control, food and water dispensing, access to different areas and more. Cameras and alarm systems can be used for safety and surveillance purposes, with alerts via text, push notification, email or phone to ensure safety.


    Infrastructure involves a wide variety of assets that require preventative maintenance (PM) and an optimized approach to maintenance and inventory management. Automation and remote operations with Maverick IQ solutions helps organizations work more efficiently and limit the reliance on manual workforces. Operations are further optimized by leveraging the versatility and functionality of GIS (Geographic Information System) systems, allowing for the control and interoperability of all assets, enabling users to share information efficiently and effectively.