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Monitoring the operations of different hardware all on the same platform gives us the opportunity to do real time analysis on how an entire plant operates, and insights on interdependencies. This is very helpful for determining sequence of events for things such as identifying failure modes, and hence identifying leading indicators for failures, and avoiding them.


A common issue faced by our aquatic center clients is fog inside the tents of outdoor pools during cold weather months. This fog can get so bad that swimmers are unable to see even three feet in front of them, requiring that they wait hours for the fog to dissipate.

We approach this problem from IOT and SME standpoints. At one site, we installed 42 IoT sensors for temperature, humidity, and dew point across the tent to understand the ambient and enclosure environmental conditions. Analyzing the readings from these sensors enabled us to help the client purchase the right heaters and ventilation systems to address the problem. Furthermore, our subject matter experts recommended increasing the tent temperature so that the delta between ambient and tent was within a certain limit. We were able to work with the owner to synchronize the operations of the heaters and the pool to eliminate the formation of the fog with any outside temperature.